It’s Easier than you think

Combining the rich flavours of coffee with a tangy citrus zing, coffee & citrus liquor is surprisingly easy to make. Klu offer a wide range of beans, so you can try different flavours, depending on whether you want strong and rich, or light and fresh. Coffee & citrus liquor can be made for many occasions, whether you’ve got people coming over, or you want a unique and exciting drink for a Christmas party. Here’s how to make it.

Prepare the mixture

Get a large jar with a lid that can be sealed airtight. Cut the top off a lemon or an orange, and stuff it with coffee beans, leaving the seeds and pulp intact. You can usually fit around 30 coffee beans into one fruit, so try to match one bean for each day you’ll leave it to infuse. i.e. 33 beans for 33 days.

Refreshing Citrus Coffee Liquor

Let it infuse

Place the fruit in the jar and cover with half a litre of vodka. Add 200 grams of sugar, but don’t stir. Letting it dissolve on its own. Close the lid, ensuring it is air tight.

Once prepared, keep the mixture in a dark place such as under the sink, giving it a gentle shake twice a week. Leave to infuse for 30 or more days, which will give the drink plenty of times to infuse.


Once it’s at the required strength, decide how you’re going to serve the drink. Serve in shot glasses for a short drink, or fill a chilled tumbler with crushed ice, pouring the liquor slowly. Add a straw, plus a wedge of lemon on the rim for a longer drink or add a splash of lemonade as a mixer to make a unique cocktail that’s great for all sorts of occasions.

The liquor even makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life. Simply decant the mixture into a nice bottle.