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Our location in Uganda puts at the heart of Eastern and Central Africa, allowing us to work with growers and their co-operatives in this coffee growing region. We work with carefully selected growers in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, and DR Congo, and are extremely picky about the beans that we choose.

Having built strong relationships with coffee growers in East Africa, particularly in Uganda, Klu have a solid supply network. We know everything about our growers, and they know us too, meaning we can build strong links. As with our roasters, this helps us to create the best coffee for our customers.

Each cup of coffee by Klu has a distinctive aroma or taste, depending on the region where it was created. With notes from chocolate to citrus or dried fruits, there’s coffee to suit all sorts of tastes. Try our Cheeky Monkey blend with a provocative touch, our White Elephant with a strong, mighty flavour, or the Moods collection with different personalities. Coming soon, our African Cities collection will capture the flavours of Addis, Kampala, Nairobi, and Kigali, giving you a whole new coffee experience. Always discovering new blends and styles, Klu are ahead of the pack when it comes to coffee.

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Our Team

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The team at Klu come from a variety of backgrounds, and are truly international, bringing a wealth of experience. There’s Herb the American, Phyllis, who’s proud of her Ghanaian heritage, and Vadim who comes from Belarus. Meeting in Uganda, they all had different jobs and missions, but one common bond they all shared was a love of coffee, and a need to create the perfect cup.

The next step was to find co-roasters who had a true passion for coffee and a creative spirit. The team decided to recruit in countries such as Uganda and South Sudan, where coffee is an important part of everyday life. We created an environment where their skills could flourish, and provided opportunities to learn about the coffee-making process. The synergy between our skills and their creativity can be tasted in every cup of Klu coffee.



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Coffee is such a big part of our lives, from that first cup in the morning to get you going, to socialising in the afternoon with friends, and that’s why Klu went into the coffee business. While the blends and aromas are important, the way you drink coffee and the overall experience is equal.

With many different blends, you can find the coffee that perfectly complements your activities and state of mind. Whether it’s a strong jolt in the morning, something mellow to accompany reading your favourite book, or something to sip on while listening to music, there is a type of Klu coffee to suit your mood. As with sports, sometimes we want to take things easy, and sometimes we want something high-octane, which is why we’ve created so many different blends. Klu is a taste of life. Have it. Try it.

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More About Klu

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